Valve Train Components

Valve trade components are Shradha Exports Historical products which they have been dealing vast range of since years, following strict quality specification.

Shradha Exports, a world class resources center for valve train components for internal combustion engines offers a whole range of valve train components like Engine Valve, Valve Guides, Valve Seat Inserts, Valve Tappets, Valve Collets and Retainers & Rocker Arms Assemblies For world’s most reputed automobiles including MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO & SCANIA.

Engine Valves

Engine Valve is a precision part and shradha exports is producing it using high alloyed steel and by means of various latest technical processes forging, heat treating, and superficial treatments like chrome plating, nitriding & hard facing. Both Matensitic and austenitic Grades of steel like x45CrSi93, X40CrSiMo82 & X53CrMnNiW219 are used considering the hard and critical service condition of engine valves in mono-metal and bi-metal version.

Valve Guides

Shradha Exports supplies valve guide with varieties of material like Graded Cast Iron, Aluminum, silicon and phosphorous Bronze considering the engine parameters and applications.

Our Valve Guides are ground to a surface finish of 080 Ra on its Outer dia. And supplied with an eccentricity of 0.03mm for best fitment and working condition. Valve Guides manufactured by us has microstructure of pearlitic matrix with 5% maximum free ferrite in cellular or discounting from and Valve Guide has Hardness of 90-100 HRB.

Valve Seat Inserts

We are one of the leading suppliers of cast valve seat inserts. Years of experience continuously strive to expand our product technically and mechanically suitable to the aspect to service condition of valve seats.

Individually steel casting and proper mixing of alloy gives good resistance to wear and hardness at high temperature. Our ledeburitic structured valve seats have resistance to oxidation up to 700 deg temperatures with resistance to shock and no deformation.

Valve Tappets

We supply tappet manufactured from chilled Casting and Forgings as per requirements.

All of our Tappets are MIRROR CNC Ground on the wear face which gives better edge to the Lobes of the Cam Shaft with the crowning on the wear of the face of the Tappet for 8 microns which is just a dream for our competitions who follows the crowning of 50 microns.

Best quality raw material, state-of-the-art manufacturing process & total quality management translates into the valve train products and ensure that every valve train component that leaves its aegis is accompanied by the highest quality assurance. These Include:

  • Optic & Electronic Microscopic Image Analysis
  • Physical Tests for Tensile, Creep and Fatigue
  • Chemical Composition Test
  • Non Destructive tests such as Ultrasonic Magnaflux
  • In metrology profile & Contour Measuring
  • Form & Position Measuring
  • Surface Roughness & Run-out Measuring
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