Cylinder Liners

On the platform of Shradha Exports we have diversified products portfolio for Dry & Wet Cylinder Liner and sleeves for Various automobiles like TRUCKS, TRACTORS, EARTHMOVERS, COMPRESSORS, CARS AND DIESEL ENGINES moving around the world.

We are also well experienced and technically qualified to produce highest shell moulded air cooled blocks. We supply liners & sleeves manufactured in centrifugal casting machines with pre adjusted centrifuge speed, cooling rates, pre set pouring temperature maintained through induction furnaces.

Technical terms likes accurate cross hatch angle, correct taper, plateau honing & bore topography made us the global player with size capacity ranging from 60 mm to 158 mm bore diameter.
Quality Assurance Facilities are elaborated below.

Spectrometer Test – Online testing for chemical composition for consistency at each and every heat.
Optical Microscope Test – to ensure Graphite type & matrix as well as the flake sizes and free ferrite percentages.
Hardness, Tensile and Compressive Test – to ensure the structural strength.
Surface Roughness & profile test – for better wear resistance and longer life. With monthly capacity of 100,000 Pieces we bring out the best products with attractive packing.

Please see our Product Range below: (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image)