Our core expertise is into procurement and export of a variety of springs made up of high quality materials with advanced techniques and can be used for different applications. Such as Traction / Double Traction springs made up of wire from 0.2mm up to 0.25mm for all applications in Brake systems and general use. The springs are available in Steel Grade II, III, IV & 2D according to the requirements.

We procure all the goods which are manufactured by ISO 9001 – 2000 compliant companies where in all quality norms are adhered by. These quality checks are performed by means of Tongue meter, Dynamometer, Profile Projections, Dia 3D systems, etc. A bar code system also helps the traceability and identification of each product piece.

Collectively, we have the capability of procurement and worldwide distribution of nearly 2500 types of different springs.

We market springs in our “SHR” Brand in the replacement market and also with the O.E. manufacturers.

The springs are mainly exported to MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, EUROPE $ U.S.A.

Please see our Product Range below: (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image)