Trailer Parts

Shradha Exports, is a Professionally managed Company and has expertise in exporting Trailer parts to the O.E. and the replacement market.

The core competence is in Fabrication / Castings & Forgings. The parts are being procured for BPW, YORK, ROR, FRUEHAUFF Trailers and distributed all across EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA and USA.

Shradha Exports is mainly into exports of Heavy duty suspension components viz. Equalizers, Center / Front / Rear Hangers, Torque Arms, D-Brackets, Top & Bottom Brackets, Hubs , Brake Drums, Brake Shoe Pin Kits, Coil Springs, Brake Shoes, Container Locks ( Screw & Jost Type ), Axle End Nuts, Leaf Springs, Slack Adjusters, Bearings, Flanges, Wheel Bolts & Nuts, Control Arm Bolts, Equalizer Pins, etc. These parts are available in various materials like Sheet Metal / SG Iron, Mild Steel Casting, Graded Steel Casting / Forging / Wire drawn etc.

At Shradha Exports quality has always been of paramount importance. QC tests done are listed as under:

For Fabricated Items:

1) Analog Test
2) Chemical Composition along with Ferrite Test
For Bolts & Nuts & other Forging Items:

1) Chemical Composition
2) Tensile Test
3) Hardness Test
For Castings:

1) Chemical Composition
2) Tensile Strength
3) Porosity Test
4) Hardness Test
Please see our Product Range below: (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image)