Kingpin Sets

Shradha Exports specializes in king pin sets & spring pin sets. We offer extensive constantly updated range of king pin sets & spring pin sets. Our OE quality sets the range apart.

All the items for king pin & spring pin sets are manufactured from specific and appropriate alloys like CK 45, SAE 4140, 20MnCr5 & SAE 1541 for pins, Mn & Al Bronze for bushes & other branded steels for various components like bearing, cotter pins, washers etc…. & machined in accordance with latest technological specifications on most modern production and testing machines with high performance to meet the exact standards of accuracy acceptable in International market.

Some of the quality assurance test for king pin & spring pin sets are listed below.

  • Chemical & Physical testing for material.
  • Testing for Effective case depth and hardness for pins & other components.
  • Form & Position Measuring like concentricity for bushes & bearings.
  • Surface Roughness & Run-out Measuring for pins and bearings.
  • Magnaflux crack detection.

Please see our Product Range below: (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image)